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Considering that Microsoft released Windows 7 in July 2009, it is already over 10 years old. In order for them to concentrate their resources on a select few Operating systems they have stopped all support for Windows 7 from January 2020. What this means is that security patches and updates and any future bug fixes will no longer be addressed which makes Windows 7 very unsecure and is a security risk for both breaches as well as viruses. If those reasons are not enough to realise a upgrade is highly recommended consider that Windows 10 has been tweaked and developed into what is arguably Microsoft’s finest work, which is both user friendly and very stable.

Being a subscription based product means that you can better budget for it every year and not have to worry about upgrading your office package(s) every 3 years when a new one is released as this can be included in your subscription, so that you have access to and are always up to date.
With the recent pandemic affecting business in such a substantial way and forcing many to work from home it also helps that Microsoft Teams comes standard as well as 1TB of cloud storage space on One Drive allowing businesses to share data between all employees no matter where they are based.
With regards to Outlook / E-mail the biggest advantage is that your emails sit in the cloud and synchronise between devices, so no matter which device sends or makes changes to folders, those changes will reflect across all devices. Being in the cloud also means you will always be able to access your emails no matter where you are on any device and not just the one that has your email account loaded.

Key differences from traditional mechanical drives:
* More energy efficient
* Incredibly durable and reliable
* Far more productive as they can be as much as 10X faster
If fact the only downside is that SSD's are more expensive, but this is rapidly changing.

If you have an older system be it laptop or PC that is sluggish one of the best and cheapest ways to give it a new lease of life is to upgrade to a SSD.

Over the years we have looked at and made use of various packages with varied success and we tend to move onto a new provider when we find that a certain package is no longer performing as expected but saying this we currently endorse Kaspersky or ESET.

Thankfully Fibre has been rolled out at an exceptional pace that most areas either have access to it or will do shortly. Fibre has the advantage that it is still a physical link between the provider and client thus doesn't get affected by bad weather conditions or lack of signal and thus is far more stable. It also has the added advantage that due to the fact that it carries a light signal it is not susceptible to power surges as with past copper internet solutions. Fibre is both high speed internet as well as it being very stable makes it the ideal choice for video streaming services such as Showmax and Netflix. Because of its widespread adoption and heavy competition fibre prices have fallen significantly and thus provide the best value for money (price vs speed) of any internet option at present. Basically if Fibre is in your area and you require internet connectivity in some form there is no reason not to sign up.

The easiest answer is that this depends solely on your printing requirements and budget.
If you print many pages during the course of a month (1000+) then the only way to go is Lazer as its designed for more use as well as its cost per page is lower (black prints only).
If your print requirements are low and only need the odd print done but would also like the option of colour then Inkjet is your best bet.
Lazers are generally more costly upfront but over a period of time work out cheaper as Ink in general is more expensive for the same amount of prints, but saying this the gap has become much less due to the advent of single inktank technology and improvements of inkjet printing. 

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